While it’s been quiet for a while at wreck-age.net, it’s been extremely hectic at Wreck Age central. We have been working diligently to finish a quick start adventure and rules and our talented sculptors have been burning the candles on both ends to get the first wave of minis done by mid-january. We’re progressing wonderfully, and I’m proud (and relieved) to finally be able to show you a small taste of what we’ve been working on for the past month. We wanted to have something to show on kickstarter well before the two week mark, but we didn’t want to release any sub-par products. On our end, we thought we could knock this adventure out in a weekend ,and it took almost a month. that’ll learn us!

First off, we have our quick-start rules and adventure. In it, the players will find themselves chasing distant omens, and meeting some friends along he way.

In this adventure, your players will take the roles of Drifters (or Reclaimers if you want to play the tabletop scenario included) who have an encounter at the site of a crashed satellite. These quick start rules should give you enough to get you started, and we’ll be posting these on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Drive Thru RPG for folks who want to support our endeavors.

Here’s the link to it, we hope you enjoy it and look forward to your feedback!


Next (what, there’s more????), we have some greens! I know that people have been anxiously awaiting to see these, and I think that they pretty much speak for themselves… so without further ado we present you with greens from 3 of our 4 starting factions, as well as a pack hog:

This is a “server”; a reclaimer who goes into battle and serves as a mobile intranet network. They provide the linkage for the Reclaimers HUD, communication/RSS feed, GPS, etc.

This Drifter can serve as a locust, a pack leader, or a bodyguard. Later Drifter warriors will be multi-part, but this one is going to certainly see the knife on my work bench for a couple conversions and simple weapons’ swaps.

This Staker Outrider serves her community as a roving watch-person. She is armed with a scoped hunting rifle, to ward off stray Drifters or Reclaimers who venture too close to the settlement. Se also makes repairs on embankments and fortifications which her compatriots will use in case of a full-scale assault on their home.

Pack hogs are bred to be able to carry heavy loads across long distances. They are docile, and much larger and stronger than attack boars. They are used by Caravaneers, raiders, independent traders, refugees, and just about anyone on the move who has a heavy load.


Communities in Wreck-Age

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When most people think of communities on role-playing games it only involves two things- a place where you are given your quests and a place for you to sell loot after. With Wreck-Age we are looking to have your community much more center to every aspect of the game; from stats, to motivation and most importantly to reward. Your characters cannot grow without their community and your community would be stifled without your characters, so an intensely symbiotic relationship is what (we hope) you end up with.

Rules play-testing is going on in earnest, and we plan on doing some community building play-testing and an introductory RPG adventure to accompany the combat rules in the coming weeks, but we can show a few examples now:

Communitites each have their own traits, called “Characteristics”. These Community Charactaristics give (as the name implies) the feel of the community.

In creating a community, you are given 25 points to allocate to the different Community Characteristics. These are very similar to the Characteristics of Individuals, such as Shooting, Power, Action Points, except that they represent the entire community as a whole, rather than one individual character.

Here is an example of technology levels, which believe me, is subject to change.

Tech levels allow you to craft machines and items that give you more of specific resources, rather than having to trade for them, but you also have to use energy to upkeep those machines. Higher tech level communities are also much more likely to be raided by others who want to gain access to what they have.



Level 1 Comparable to bronze age, although there will be rudimentary understanding of firearms and writing., running water is unusual in a settlement of this type, unless they happen to be next to a river or stream
Level 2 This is the most common technological level of small settlements. They will probably not have much in the way of machines, but will have the basic ability to use energy for the most critical of tasks, such as food storage and basic lighting. This is a similar technological level to those in the old west, with a smattering of knowledge and understanding that higher technology does exist, just not how to utilize it effectively.
Level 3  In many ways, this is the average 20th century household (although probably in a developing nation). There will be basic, but unrealiable amenities, such as running water (or a mechanically operated well), electricity, the ability to run a simple network, and the ability to utilize wind and solar power.
Level 4 Will have access to heating and cooling, which will allow a community to gain an easier foot hold in otherwise unhospitible environments. Will also be able to extrapolate moisture from the air for fresh water, and will have basic knowledge of fusion power.
Level 5 Pre-exodus levels of technology; access/understanding to all sorts of life-sustaining medical equipment. It is very rare to have a community of this tech level go unnoticed by all sorts of nefarious elements, and a community with technology this advanced will have to constantly defend themselves from all manner of assault on their way of life. Even with all the luxury afforded by this level of technology, the easy life, it ain’t.
Level 6 Technology levels so advanced that they are most likely non-existent on earth.

Ultimately the theme to your community is up to you as well. Feel free to to adopt a theme that goes along with established canon, but keep in mind the factions are meant to be morally ambiguous so you may come up with something like this if you like:

Small Reclaimer Community- Deluge

They were hunted for their heresy after a failed coup in their data haven, in which they hoped to erase all information that could lead to another collapse. Simon lead them, taught themthat the Reclaimers should filter the knowledge from the world before, so they do not make the same mistakes, and for this they were outcast. Committing one last act of heresy, Simon’s followers managed to steal and delete their brotherhood’s knowledge of the swampland, ensuring that their pursuit would not be easy.

Now they lived in a small patch of land outside Houston, one of the few dry spots not yet overtaken by the bayou. By day they scavenged for weapons and parts, always sure to be back by nightfall in order to avoid the swamps more dangerous denizens. Each night the discussions picked up where they left off, the Reclaimers deciding what pieces of history should be kept, what technology was more dangerous than useful. They were steadily reaching a consensus- their brothers had to be brought into the fold, or be stopped at any cost.

They named their community Deluge and begun constructing semi-permanent shelters, most of them had become enamored with the harmony and peace that the venomous overgrowth allowed them. The inherent dangers of the bayou had stopped their pursuers, it was only fitting that they strike out from the same bog, hardened and more determined from their experience.

We really anticipate your comments either on this page or on the forums. Thanks again for your support!


Kickstarter Funded!

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Our Kickstarter has successfully reached our goal, thanks to the trust and commitment from a huge base of supporters. We really appreciate it everyone!

Since we’ve reached our original mark so early, we’ve decided to set a new goal of $10,000. If we reach that goal, anyone who pledges (or has already pledged) at $25 or higher, and has chosen a package that included miniatures, will get a set of 2 more limited edition miniatures. These will be kickstarter only models, and will be based on this artwork by Klaus Scherwinski.

That means at $25, pledgers will get 4 miniatures, and PDFs, Kindle, or E-book formats of our shorts stories… Plus the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping us have our project get off to a fantastic start.

Additionally; we have had some people mentioning that they wanted to buy the limited edition Kickstarter mini set, but they don’t have an Amazon account, and wanted to use paypal. In the spirit of fairness, we’re going to allow anyone who wants to pay via paypal, to get the mini set from us that way. You must send it to us before the 28th of December, which is the cut-off date for our Kickstarter. If Kickstarter reaches it’s $10k goal, anyone who pays via paypal will also get the additional minis.

You can send a paypal payment for $25 (and a small amount for shipping if you would be so kind) to:


Please mark it as a gift, and include your mailing address.

It will ship by the second week of 2012.

We’ll be posting more on our messageboard:


And finally; we also wanted to announce a recycling program. If you have old miniatures or scraps from the lying around, get them together and ready to send them into us. We’ll melt them down and turn them into a shiny new model for you.

We’ll take cut-off heads, armless bodies, spare metal sprues, spears, guns, legs… whatever you’ve got!

If you send in more than a pound or so, You’ll get a yet-to-be-determined model.  We’ll open it up to voting towards the end of the year, and the choice with the most votes by spring-time will be the winner. After that, we’ll cast up the limited model that will be available only for this program.

So start collecting your metal! It should be lead-free (nothing from the 80s or earlier just to be sure please), and free from any paint, primer, dirt, etc… This will be going straight to the caster.

We’ll be announcing the poll choices by years’ end.

Hello everyone,

The rules have arrived for play-testing in our forum! Anton is awaiting your feedback so we can get them book ready, thanks to anyone who participates.

Another big thank you to everyone that has contributed to our Kickstarter, which is currently at 95%! This is exceeding our expectations and really a great feeling, and we are working hard to make sure we do not disappoint. We have had a few questions about what exactly a Kickstarter project is, so I went to their FAQs to help answer them:

What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a new way to fund creative projects.

We believe that:

• A good idea, communicated well, can spread fast and wide.

• A large group of people can be a tremendous source of money and encouragement.

Kickstarter is powered by a unique all-or-nothing funding method where projects must be fully-funded or no money changes hands.

If I make a pledge, when is my card charged?

If the project you’re backing is successfully funded, your card will be charged when the project reaches its funding deadline. If the project does not reach its funding goal, your card is never charged. That’s why we call them pledges.

How do I know when rewards for a project will be delivered?

Projects launched from August 2011 onward have an “Estimated Delivery Date” under each reward. This date (month and year) is entered by project creators as their best guess for delivery to backers.

Older projects may not contain this information. Check the project’s updates or comments to see if the creator has indicated when they plan to deliver rewards. If you don’t find details, feel free to contact the creator directly through the “Send Message” button on the project page.

Do I have to pay with Amazon? Why can’t I use Paypal? Why can’t Kickstarter just take my credit card info?

Kickstarter uses Amazon’s Flexible Payments Service, which enables our all-or-nothing funding method. No other credit card processor currently supports our requirements. We’re always talking with other companies and exploring other services, so expect more options in the future.

Hope that answers a few questions you may have had. Thanks again!


Hello everyone,

Hyacinth Games’ Kickstarter is now live! It is intended to help pay for sculpting and miniatures and is the standard ‘pre-order’ template, so you will get something with every tier of contributions. Thanks to anyone who gives it a glance!

We will also have a small presence at Adepticon 2012 and a miniature for the grab bag. I hope to place last in the Necromunda tourney again this year.

We have been plugging away at the book, but there is still some concept art to show from Kostas. There is a theme for these, I asked Kostas to come up with two characters who dye their hair with carmine after I did a bit of research. Dying your hair red using insect parts is pretty post-collapse, would you agree?

First we have a stoic No Ghost:

Then we have a Staker Outrider, protecting her settlement outside of it’s borders-

We plan to make miniatures for each of these pieces as soon as we have the baseline minis for each faction completed. Thanks again for your continued support, it means a lot to us.


Kostas’ Corner

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This will probably be a regular update where I have a few too many and start asking Kostas “what are you most proud of this week?” right after “is felafel reaally from the mediterannean?” (SIC). Yeah, that is how annoying it is to work for Hyacinth Games! Anyhow- Here is another Staker, geared to hit the road and bring back some scavenged goods and leave a few bodies in her wake. K Man says he is proud of this one, and I have to agree!


The Wreck-Age Forum is Live!

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Hello all,

No, we haven’t quit, we have actually been working so hard on the game that we neglected this site for a few weeks. We are just a matter of days from the play-testing phase- so we created a forum so we can all chat about the Wreck-Age universe, rules, miscellaneous science fiction, or whatever you like! You can check it out here or on our links page. Hope to see you there!


He works hard for his money, so you better treat him right.

Today, we have a Staker concept drawn by Kostas Skenterdis.

This particular Staker’s primary tool is his mining laser, but he’s not without defense should a roving band of Drifters or bandits show up on his territory.

Stakers are the folks who take a plot of land, and make their go at working it, while defending their claim. They could be miners, farmers, industrialists, or techno-enthusiests. They might be a commune of hippies, a doomsday cult, or a polygamist sect.

As an example; In Mad Max, the funnily dressed 70s disco oil barons would have been considered Stakers.

Some Staker communities are very small, consisting only of a few buildings around a well. Others encompass entire towns with industry and trading centers. However, most Stakers are very xenophobic by nature and will only trade directly with Staker Caravans; made up largely of cast-out Stakers… Their symbiotic relationship benefits all parties involved, as Stakers are usually too paranoid to deal directly with the outside world, while the Caravans travel to places that your average Staker would never even dream of.

We have a lot more art, and we’ll be sharing a lot more with you all once we get some greens back from our sculptors.


All aboard the ARHK!

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The Autonomous Region of Hong Kong (ARHK) is one of the last vestiges of corporate culture left on post-exodus earth.

The ARHK itself is a silver spire jutting out over the polluted and deserted wastes of south east asia.. The city is a sealed environment, with heavily built air re-circulators providing it’s Citizens and Menials with fresh air to breathe, as most of the CO2 producing flora has been completely wiped out for hundreds of miles around the region.

Highly industrialized; the ARHK has some of the highest (and best maintained) technology left on the planet, including an extensive navy of several dozen frigates, sealed exo-suits, and fully automatic carbines as standard equipment for their standing army.

The ARHK see themselves as the rightful heirs to the planet and their Board members and Stockholders have agreed that expansion is required to maintain the standard of living that they have become accustomed to.

They have dispatched a small floatilla, consisting mainly of Menials (essentially slaves), and several hundred soldiers to the west coast of the former United States.

Their base remains hidden and well guarded, for the time being…


Here’s an initial concept drawing done by Klaus Scherwinski.


Stitchmen Hunters.

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Most Stitchmen have been alive for well over 200 years, and while they are able to replace the majority of their organs, they are also so paranoid that leaving their small encampments or lairs oftentimes proves too much for their fragile and paranoid psyches.

However, the body parts just don’t deliver themselves. Someone needs to “harvest” them.

To provide them with the resources that they need to stay alive for centuries, Stitchmen hire Hunters- men and women who have few other opportunities, but who are experts at tracking and hunting.

They employ a variety of weapons and equipment, from long rifles, to narco guns, as well as electronic tracking equipment, and long-range radios.

These Hunters are remorseless; knowing full well that a horrible fate awaits anybody that they deliver to their employers.

At launch, we will have 3-5 Hunter models, here’s a sneak peak at 2 early renditions done by Christoph Peters.

Until next time!