The Stakers are hardy survivors few generations removed from the hunting and scavenging forced upon their ancestors during the Dark Times. The concept of the home is still fresh and vibrant in their minds, and the resurgence is now making community a possibility, and one worth dying for.  The Stakers are people with fresh blood on their hands, many of them looking for absolution through the formation of a new society, one where their children can undo the wrongs their predecessors had no choice but to make.

Low-tech often by necessity, with some smatterings of high technology (or old tech), the Stakers have developed a sustainable level of technology that pilfers innovations from the last few centuries. Livestock is bred, partly for their meat, mainly for the saltpeter (potassium nitrate) that can be produced from manure and is a main component of gunpowder. Modern, simple revolvers (pistol and carbine) are within their means, and Stakers definitely live and die by the quality of their firearms. Not all of their technology is defense oriented in nature- the Stakers have a sophisticated crop rotation system that uses stringently filtered water and resilient strains of crops to fight contamination and keep topsoil healthy.


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