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Uprisen Preview- Tanner

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Tanner is a fun character from the Uprisen (which was shelved for a few months since the KS showed us the book needed to be priority number one). Here is his write up in the module:

“Yep, that’s infected. Nope, you kept picking at it and now it’s like that. I can make you an
ointment but you aren’t smart enough to use it. Maybe I should just cut it off and save us both
the trouble of watching it rot.”

Tanner rarely talks about his past. What little he has said makes it clear that he was once a doctor
of sorts, learning the trade from his family when he lived in a distant settlement he never names.
Other whispers suggest that his father was exiled to the caravans and he chose to follow. Thus
he started his life in the Wilds, until he was ultimately captured and brought to the mines.

Since he arrived in the tunnels he has served as an enslaved medic, as he puts it, “a first aid
kit with feet.” Eclipsys’ treatment of him in the mines was hardly gentle, though he knows he
had an easier time than most. A medic constantly on call, he was never subjected to the back-
breaking labor endured by so many.

Ease is relative, however, and when the time for rebellion came he was more than ready to help
out. Eclipsys had forced him through painful induced learning programs and pushed him to
work long hours with little rest and meager supplies. He was tired of the nightmares and the
headaches, tired of losing patients because the materials he needed were refused or withheld.
Things had to change. People needed killing.

Now that the revolt is over and the survivors are out of the mines, he is ready to lay the
murderous side of his personality to rest and return to healing. He much doctoring to playing at
war. Even so, he is not driven as much by compassion as by the pride he takes in saving lives.
He is good at it, and he likes being good at something.

Besides, the more lives he saves during the day, the fewer ghosts haunt his dreams at night.


Flora and Fauna the Alligator

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Basics: A long time ago, too far back to matter, alligators were mostly confined to the southeast corner of the States. Still primarily found in a place called the Foreverglades, they have also spread much farther inland thanks to the rising water table that flooded both coasts and drowned so much of the old world. People died; alligators thrived.

Survival: A run-in with an alligator, or worse a whole pack of them, is all a matter of distance and terrain. If you’re lucky you will be on dry land and you’ll see them before they see you. If that is the case, get up high and move higher as fast as you can. While alligators cannot run long distances very well they are lightning fast in the short sprint. If they can see you, you are way too close to make a break for it. Climb something and aim for the head.

If you are in the water with alligators, the best thing to have on hand is a pistol. That way you can shoot yourself in the head and skip the part where they swarm you, drag you down, tear your limbs off and pin you to the bottom so you can rot.

Uses: If you can kill an alligator, you’ve made quite a haul! Their tough hide is great for clothes, especially boots and armor patches. Treated right, some alligator hide is thick enough to stop an arrow or a bullet. What’s under the scales is good too; alligator meat is not only tasty, it’s easy to harvest and quick to cook too. Don’t try to keep it long. Even salted, alligator goes sour very fast, especially in the heat.

Fun Fact: Some communes in the South raise alligators from birth as guard and hunting animals. These domesticated alligators are usually smaller than their wild cousins and have thinner, less protective hides. Hard living, it seems, has its rewards.



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The Badger!

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Some extra fluff that won’t be in the  book, but will certainly be put to good use own the line!




Basics: Sometimes called rodents and often called terrifying, the badger can be found in many parts of the world as a thriving part of the new ecology. Once content to forage and scavenge when possible, badgers have become more aggressive and violent as competition for food increased after the environmental collapse ruined their habitats. Badgers are larger than their predecessors and prone to attack solitary humans on sight.  Rivalry for territory has all but broken the previous clan nature of badgers; most are solitary and extremely territorial.


Survival: The best way to live through a badger attack is to never travel alone. Because most badgers hunt by themselves, they are loathe to pick fights with groups. Even a single person with a hunting dog or beast of burden will usually be too much a badger, at least at first sight. Badgers are known to stalk prey, however. That same person might walk up one morning to find their animal(s) savaged at the edge of camp.


If you have to fight a badger, remember that everything dangerous is all up front. Never take a badger head on as their front claws are extremely sharp and their bite is capable of tearing through body armor if it gets a good enough hold. Badgers are also mostly impervious to pain. Never try to drive one off. A fight with a badger only ends with something dying.


Uses: Badger meat is fairly awful but edible. Always cook or boil it thoroughly as badgers are often heavily diseased and carry some of the wild’s worst ills. Badger pelts are extremely hardy and retain a great deal of heat. They make excellent harsh weather clothes.


Fun Fact: Before the Exodus, badgers were often portrayed in stories as strong, wise characters and even appeared in literature as sympathetic heroes. At least one tribe of Drifters reveres the badger as their totem animal and considers anyone wearing parts of a badger to be an enemy on sight. This last bit would normally be in the Survival section but if you have been spotted by a tribe of Drifters, you were probably screwed already.


-By Duster One (AKA August Hahn)

This is the old site!

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Hello all,


We launched a new, but some ISPs (especially outside of the US) are still directing traffic to this blog. These scenarios usually play out over a few hours, but let know if you see this site after 3/31. Thanks!

Today, we wanted to show you some WiP shots from the demo board being done for us by Empire of Ghosts that we’re going to be using for Adepticon and future events.

Shown here is a small Staker encampment, which will be used for various scenarios and games.

The details are very cool ,and I love how the set balances realism with playability and transportability.



Website Overhaul

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Hello everyone,

We have reached the point where we will need a more robust website, which is what we are working on right now! I would expect another few weeks before you see any big changes here at, but they will be big ones when they come through. Thanks for your patience!



The Upcoming Adventure

Posted: January 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

Here are some details for the upcoming adventure:

Last month we came out with the Omen, a pretty on rails RPG adventure that ended up being rather fun, even if it does handcuff the GM a bit. Our next project is more grand in scope, and I think it will do the world of Wreck-Age more justice. There isn’t a lot I can say at this time, but I can throw out a few facts and allusions (which might be changed a tad down the line):

The setting is a ‘floating locale’ in North America, which means you can drop it pretty much anywhere on the continent. Tweak away to make it near Chicago, or Toronto, or anywhere in what was once sunny Mexico. The world is your oyster, or part of it at least.

You are not aligned with a faction outright- the community the players are given is a new one founded by the Uprisen, who have just overthrown a particularly warlike sect of Reclaimers to earn their freedom. The players actions from that point will help to define their community, which might involve aligning with one of our established factions if they choose. Community development will also be showcased for the first time, which is exciting.

There will be pre-generated NPCs alongside local threats and plot hooks for the GM to use if they so desire. They also will have the freedom to remix the setting as they please. I can think of two members of the forum who will probably add zombies, although when I run it my game certainly won’t involve any ha ha.

The goal of this endeavor is to give you access to a more living, breathing version of Wreck-Age while mining your feedback while we work on the rulebook. I hope it ends up being the organic experience I am working at, and will be posting updates as it gets closer to completion.


It’s been a bit since we were able to show anything, but we’ve got a lot in the works right now, and are hoping to show you a lot more in the coming weeks.


Here’s a quick preview of a Staker Engineer/sapper.



Stakers and Drifters have been getting a lot of love lately, so we’ll be showing you some Stitchmen and Reclaimers in the very near future.

We did it!

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Hello everyone, Hope you had nice holidays!

Big things have happened for us in the last few weeks, most exciting of them is that our Kickstarter Campaign hit almost $11K! We are grateful for every one of those dollars and will hopefully have those limited miniatures in our (your) hands very soon. We’re just waiting for the greens from two of our sculptors so that we can cast the whole first batch.

We have also uploaded two short stories to Amazon and Barnes and Noble for .99 each. Down the road, we will bundle them up in a PDF torrent for your reading pleasure.

The first short story is the first in a serial by our good friend Chad McMann. It follows the life of Ex-Stitchman hunter Newmark, and is entitled Deceptions Edge. It can be downloaded (there is also a sample) here.

The second short is Faces of Perfection by Travis Roberson which involves a No Ghost and a lost little girl. You can find it here.

Thanks for checking them out!