Uprisen Preview- Tanner

Posted: March 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

Tanner is a fun character from the Uprisen (which was shelved for a few months since the KS showed us the book needed to be priority number one). Here is his write up in the module:

“Yep, that’s infected. Nope, you kept picking at it and now it’s like that. I can make you an
ointment but you aren’t smart enough to use it. Maybe I should just cut it off and save us both
the trouble of watching it rot.”

Tanner rarely talks about his past. What little he has said makes it clear that he was once a doctor
of sorts, learning the trade from his family when he lived in a distant settlement he never names.
Other whispers suggest that his father was exiled to the caravans and he chose to follow. Thus
he started his life in the Wilds, until he was ultimately captured and brought to the mines.

Since he arrived in the tunnels he has served as an enslaved medic, as he puts it, “a first aid
kit with feet.” Eclipsys’ treatment of him in the mines was hardly gentle, though he knows he
had an easier time than most. A medic constantly on call, he was never subjected to the back-
breaking labor endured by so many.

Ease is relative, however, and when the time for rebellion came he was more than ready to help
out. Eclipsys had forced him through painful induced learning programs and pushed him to
work long hours with little rest and meager supplies. He was tired of the nightmares and the
headaches, tired of losing patients because the materials he needed were refused or withheld.
Things had to change. People needed killing.

Now that the revolt is over and the survivors are out of the mines, he is ready to lay the
murderous side of his personality to rest and return to healing. He much doctoring to playing at
war. Even so, he is not driven as much by compassion as by the pride he takes in saving lives.
He is good at it, and he likes being good at something.

Besides, the more lives he saves during the day, the fewer ghosts haunt his dreams at night.


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