Flora and Fauna the Alligator

Posted: March 18, 2013 in Uncategorized
Basics: A long time ago, too far back to matter, alligators were mostly confined to the southeast corner of the States. Still primarily found in a place called the Foreverglades, they have also spread much farther inland thanks to the rising water table that flooded both coasts and drowned so much of the old world. People died; alligators thrived.

Survival: A run-in with an alligator, or worse a whole pack of them, is all a matter of distance and terrain. If you’re lucky you will be on dry land and you’ll see them before they see you. If that is the case, get up high and move higher as fast as you can. While alligators cannot run long distances very well they are lightning fast in the short sprint. If they can see you, you are way too close to make a break for it. Climb something and aim for the head.

If you are in the water with alligators, the best thing to have on hand is a pistol. That way you can shoot yourself in the head and skip the part where they swarm you, drag you down, tear your limbs off and pin you to the bottom so you can rot.

Uses: If you can kill an alligator, you’ve made quite a haul! Their tough hide is great for clothes, especially boots and armor patches. Treated right, some alligator hide is thick enough to stop an arrow or a bullet. What’s under the scales is good too; alligator meat is not only tasty, it’s easy to harvest and quick to cook too. Don’t try to keep it long. Even salted, alligator goes sour very fast, especially in the heat.

Fun Fact: Some communes in the South raise alligators from birth as guard and hunting animals. These domesticated alligators are usually smaller than their wild cousins and have thinner, less protective hides. Hard living, it seems, has its rewards.


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