The Badger!

Posted: March 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

Some extra fluff that won’t be in the  book, but will certainly be put to good use own the line!




Basics: Sometimes called rodents and often called terrifying, the badger can be found in many parts of the world as a thriving part of the new ecology. Once content to forage and scavenge when possible, badgers have become more aggressive and violent as competition for food increased after the environmental collapse ruined their habitats. Badgers are larger than their predecessors and prone to attack solitary humans on sight.  Rivalry for territory has all but broken the previous clan nature of badgers; most are solitary and extremely territorial.


Survival: The best way to live through a badger attack is to never travel alone. Because most badgers hunt by themselves, they are loathe to pick fights with groups. Even a single person with a hunting dog or beast of burden will usually be too much a badger, at least at first sight. Badgers are known to stalk prey, however. That same person might walk up one morning to find their animal(s) savaged at the edge of camp.


If you have to fight a badger, remember that everything dangerous is all up front. Never take a badger head on as their front claws are extremely sharp and their bite is capable of tearing through body armor if it gets a good enough hold. Badgers are also mostly impervious to pain. Never try to drive one off. A fight with a badger only ends with something dying.


Uses: Badger meat is fairly awful but edible. Always cook or boil it thoroughly as badgers are often heavily diseased and carry some of the wild’s worst ills. Badger pelts are extremely hardy and retain a great deal of heat. They make excellent harsh weather clothes.


Fun Fact: Before the Exodus, badgers were often portrayed in stories as strong, wise characters and even appeared in literature as sympathetic heroes. At least one tribe of Drifters reveres the badger as their totem animal and considers anyone wearing parts of a badger to be an enemy on sight. This last bit would normally be in the Survival section but if you have been spotted by a tribe of Drifters, you were probably screwed already.


-By Duster One (AKA August Hahn)


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