The Upcoming Adventure

Posted: January 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

Here are some details for the upcoming adventure:

Last month we came out with the Omen, a pretty on rails RPG adventure that ended up being rather fun, even if it does handcuff the GM a bit. Our next project is more grand in scope, and I think it will do the world of Wreck-Age more justice. There isn’t a lot I can say at this time, but I can throw out a few facts and allusions (which might be changed a tad down the line):

The setting is a ‘floating locale’ in North America, which means you can drop it pretty much anywhere on the continent. Tweak away to make it near Chicago, or Toronto, or anywhere in what was once sunny Mexico. The world is your oyster, or part of it at least.

You are not aligned with a faction outright- the community the players are given is a new one founded by the Uprisen, who have just overthrown a particularly warlike sect of Reclaimers to earn their freedom. The players actions from that point will help to define their community, which might involve aligning with one of our established factions if they choose. Community development will also be showcased for the first time, which is exciting.

There will be pre-generated NPCs alongside local threats and plot hooks for the GM to use if they so desire. They also will have the freedom to remix the setting as they please. I can think of two members of the forum who will probably add zombies, although when I run it my game certainly won’t involve any ha ha.

The goal of this endeavor is to give you access to a more living, breathing version of Wreck-Age while mining your feedback while we work on the rulebook. I hope it ends up being the organic experience I am working at, and will be posting updates as it gets closer to completion.



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