Introductory quick-start adventure and new greens!

Posted: December 16, 2011 in General, Reclaimers, Stakers

While it’s been quiet for a while at, it’s been extremely hectic at Wreck Age central. We have been working diligently to finish a quick start adventure and rules and our talented sculptors have been burning the candles on both ends to get the first wave of minis done by mid-january. We’re progressing wonderfully, and I’m proud (and relieved) to finally be able to show you a small taste of what we’ve been working on for the past month. We wanted to have something to show on kickstarter well before the two week mark, but we didn’t want to release any sub-par products. On our end, we thought we could knock this adventure out in a weekend ,and it took almost a month. that’ll learn us!

First off, we have our quick-start rules and adventure. In it, the players will find themselves chasing distant omens, and meeting some friends along he way.

In this adventure, your players will take the roles of Drifters (or Reclaimers if you want to play the tabletop scenario included) who have an encounter at the site of a crashed satellite. These quick start rules should give you enough to get you started, and we’ll be posting these on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Drive Thru RPG for folks who want to support our endeavors.

Here’s the link to it, we hope you enjoy it and look forward to your feedback!


Next (what, there’s more????), we have some greens! I know that people have been anxiously awaiting to see these, and I think that they pretty much speak for themselves… so without further ado we present you with greens from 3 of our 4 starting factions, as well as a pack hog:

This is a “server”; a reclaimer who goes into battle and serves as a mobile intranet network. They provide the linkage for the Reclaimers HUD, communication/RSS feed, GPS, etc.

This Drifter can serve as a locust, a pack leader, or a bodyguard. Later Drifter warriors will be multi-part, but this one is going to certainly see the knife on my work bench for a couple conversions and simple weapons’ swaps.

This Staker Outrider serves her community as a roving watch-person. She is armed with a scoped hunting rifle, to ward off stray Drifters or Reclaimers who venture too close to the settlement. Se also makes repairs on embankments and fortifications which her compatriots will use in case of a full-scale assault on their home.

Pack hogs are bred to be able to carry heavy loads across long distances. They are docile, and much larger and stronger than attack boars. They are used by Caravaneers, raiders, independent traders, refugees, and just about anyone on the move who has a heavy load.

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