Kickstarter Funded!

Posted: November 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

Our Kickstarter has successfully reached our goal, thanks to the trust and commitment from a huge base of supporters. We really appreciate it everyone!

Since we’ve reached our original mark so early, we’ve decided to set a new goal of $10,000. If we reach that goal, anyone who pledges (or has already pledged) at $25 or higher, and has chosen a package that included miniatures, will get a set of 2 more limited edition miniatures. These will be kickstarter only models, and will be based on this artwork by Klaus Scherwinski.

That means at $25, pledgers will get 4 miniatures, and PDFs, Kindle, or E-book formats of our shorts stories… Plus the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping us have our project get off to a fantastic start.

Additionally; we have had some people mentioning that they wanted to buy the limited edition Kickstarter mini set, but they don’t have an Amazon account, and wanted to use paypal. In the spirit of fairness, we’re going to allow anyone who wants to pay via paypal, to get the mini set from us that way. You must send it to us before the 28th of December, which is the cut-off date for our Kickstarter. If Kickstarter reaches it’s $10k goal, anyone who pays via paypal will also get the additional minis.

You can send a paypal payment for $25 (and a small amount for shipping if you would be so kind) to:

Please mark it as a gift, and include your mailing address.

It will ship by the second week of 2012.

We’ll be posting more on our messageboard:

And finally; we also wanted to announce a recycling program. If you have old miniatures or scraps from the lying around, get them together and ready to send them into us. We’ll melt them down and turn them into a shiny new model for you.

We’ll take cut-off heads, armless bodies, spare metal sprues, spears, guns, legs… whatever you’ve got!

If you send in more than a pound or so, You’ll get a yet-to-be-determined model.  We’ll open it up to voting towards the end of the year, and the choice with the most votes by spring-time will be the winner. After that, we’ll cast up the limited model that will be available only for this program.

So start collecting your metal! It should be lead-free (nothing from the 80s or earlier just to be sure please), and free from any paint, primer, dirt, etc… This will be going straight to the caster.

We’ll be announcing the poll choices by years’ end.

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