He works hard for his money… so hard for it honey…

Posted: September 1, 2011 in Concept Art, Stakers

He works hard for his money, so you better treat him right.

Today, we have a Staker concept drawn by Kostas Skenterdis.

This particular Staker’s primary tool is his mining laser, but he’s not without defense should a roving band of Drifters or bandits show up on his territory.

Stakers are the folks who take a plot of land, and make their go at working it, while defending their claim. They could be miners, farmers, industrialists, or techno-enthusiests. They might be a commune of hippies, a doomsday cult, or a polygamist sect.

As an example; In Mad Max, the funnily dressed 70s disco oil barons would have been considered Stakers.

Some Staker communities are very small, consisting only of a few buildings around a well. Others encompass entire towns with industry and trading centers. However, most Stakers are very xenophobic by nature and will only trade directly with Staker Caravans; made up largely of cast-out Stakers… Their symbiotic relationship benefits all parties involved, as Stakers are usually too paranoid to deal directly with the outside world, while the Caravans travel to places that your average Staker would never even dream of.

We have a lot more art, and we’ll be sharing a lot more with you all once we get some greens back from our sculptors.


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