All aboard the ARHK!

Posted: August 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

The Autonomous Region of Hong Kong (ARHK) is one of the last vestiges of corporate culture left on post-exodus earth.

The ARHK itself is a silver spire jutting out over the polluted and deserted wastes of south east asia.. The city is a sealed environment, with heavily built air re-circulators providing it’s Citizens and Menials with fresh air to breathe, as most of the CO2 producing flora has been completely wiped out for hundreds of miles around the region.

Highly industrialized; the ARHK has some of the highest (and best maintained) technology left on the planet, including an extensive navy of several dozen frigates, sealed exo-suits, and fully automatic carbines as standard equipment for their standing army.

The ARHK see themselves as the rightful heirs to the planet and their Board members and Stockholders have agreed that expansion is required to maintain the standard of living that they have become accustomed to.

They have dispatched a small floatilla, consisting mainly of Menials (essentially slaves), and several hundred soldiers to the west coast of the former United States.

Their base remains hidden and well guarded, for the time being…


Here’s an initial concept drawing done by Klaus Scherwinski.


  1. Wreck-Age says:

    It will be pretty cool when their weapon misfires and my Drifters de-shell them like crabs

  2. Wreck-Age says:

    Their standard rifle fires a 5mm caseless round, in 5 round bursts or single shot, and it’s extremely unlikely to mis-fire.

    By the way, we’re not suffering from a split personality disorder… that we know of . This is two different people talking (Anton and Matt),

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