Stitchmen Hunters.

Posted: August 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

Most Stitchmen have been alive for well over 200 years, and while they are able to replace the majority of their organs, they are also so paranoid that leaving their small encampments or lairs oftentimes proves too much for their fragile and paranoid psyches.

However, the body parts just don’t deliver themselves. Someone needs to “harvest” them.

To provide them with the resources that they need to stay alive for centuries, Stitchmen hire Hunters- men and women who have few other opportunities, but who are experts at tracking and hunting.

They employ a variety of weapons and equipment, from long rifles, to narco guns, as well as electronic tracking equipment, and long-range radios.

These Hunters are remorseless; knowing full well that a horrible fate awaits anybody that they deliver to their employers.

At launch, we will have 3-5 Hunter models, here’s a sneak peak at 2 early renditions done by Christoph Peters.

Until next time!


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