Hy Plains Drifters, Short Stories, Models

Posted: July 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hey friends,

It has been a busy/sickly week over here at Hyacinth (both Anton and I are very under the weather), but there is a bunch of news to disperse! The most exciting thing for us is that sculpting is well underway for our five miniature teaser release that we hope to have out in early September. When the ‘greens’ are a bit farther along we will definitely throw some pictures up, so expect that in the next few weeks. We also have two short stories that are being edited at the moment which should throw some light on our world, these stories will be available through Kindle direct and torrent when they are finished in early August.

And now the promised info about the resurgence era Hy Plains Drifters:

During the two centuries (and change) known as the Dark Times the Drifters got by using a combination of hunting, gathering and pillaging. An oral history depicting the ‘thieves law’ many of the founders had adhered to in prison was adapted and became a strict tribal code of conduct. During this period most Drifter tribes also adopted ancestor worship, which was soon integrated with the mores of the tribes.

When a child is born in a drifter tribe they are taken from the parents and placed in the care of the communal wet nurses. These children are forbidden to know their lineage until they have earned that right through surviving a battle or great hunt. Through more brave or cunning acts the warrior may discover that they have distant ancestors and add them to their lineage (leaders have had visions of generals, khans and other historical figures as long lost relatives).

Most of the laws of the Hy Plains Drifters involve protecting the personal freedoms of the tribespeople, and all are punishable by banishment. When a Drifter is caught breaking the tenants of their tribe they become a ‘No Ghost’- branded, rendered sterile and cast out. A No Ghost will be shunned by all of the tribes and renounced by any children they may have, which to a Drifter is like never existing at all. Many No Ghosts take their own lives (the tribes do not practice imprisonment or execution due to their origin) but a few wander the lands, living a solitary existence and occasionally selling their skills as mercenaries.

Ok there you have it- a brief synopsis of the ‘current day’ Hy Plains Drifters. I am off to nap and hopefully get over this plague I have developed.


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