The Origin of the Hy Plains Drifters

Posted: July 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hello everyone,

We don’t have any new art (that we can show) this week, so I will dish out some details about one of our factions that we have been mum on so far. I will also be pruning the site up a bit this evening since it has gotten messy, hope you enjoy the (slight) changes!

The origin of the Hy Plains Drifters: The final years of the big push were desperate times, and many people were forced to commit crimes to feed their loved ones. The backlash from the government was draconian, and many good people found themselves undernourished and terrified in an overcrowded cell next to violent convicts. When the United States finally succumbed to it’s collapse the wardens of these prisons were forced to make a tough decision- do they release the prisoners they are responsible for en-masse, or let them all perish together in their cells? Not all of them made the same ruling, but they all lived with their decision for the rest of their lives.

Many of the prisoners that found themselves freed faded back into their past lives, but some had nowhere else to go and banded together, forming a tribal society based on many of the codes and mores practiced in the prison system.

Current Drifter tribes practice a complex version of ancestor worship, which is seen as one of the main cornerstones of their culture. Their elders are revered as living gods… whose knowledge, cunning,  and great might has allowed them to attain a ripe-old age (often of only 30 or 40. The Drifters usually enjoy a life-span much shorter than most other cultures). Gray hair is very uncommon.

Drifter education is rudimentary, and mainly focuses on survival and combat. All history is passed down orally, and very few members outside of a few elders can typically read or write… However, if a Locust (youngster) shows interest, they will not be dissuaded from learning these things…

Outsiders of the tribe are seen as a means to an end, and “marks” for the picking. Drifters do no create, they take.

I will go into further detail of the end result of two centuries of tribal practice (and exploding boars) next week, and also introduce ‘No Ghosts’, those that have found themselves banished from Drifter culture. See you then!


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