Dynamity Hog!

Posted: June 21, 2011 in Concept Art

Welcome to another edition of Concept Tuesdays!

We’ve been working diligently on rounding up concept art for sculptors to look at, and start working on. We’re hoping to start having pictures of greens in progress in the next month or so.

There are several intermingled projects going on at once. We touched on one a bit last week; We’re going to be having a couple of short stories, to help round out our world a little bit. We’re also working on game rules, as well as miniatures for a mini-release later on this year. We want to get as much feedback as possible, and hopefully build some interest at the same time… Plus, we’re really excited to finally have something complete to show everybody, and as patient as we might be, waiting until next year just doesn’t seem like an option at this point.

For miniatures; we’re hoping to have a few non-human companions for each faction. Animals of various shapes and sizes… From the darker and more raw beasts that the Stitchmen will have as their companions, aptly named Golums… to the wolves fitted with cybernetic gear that a Reclaimers scav-team will sometimes take with them on a Flight (what they call their technology-gathering expeditions).

Below; we have a slightly less-revered companion than that of the Reclaimers… Concept art for a bomb-harnessed “Dynamity Hog” that the Drifters will occasional utilize as a shock troop.

Explosives are hard to come-by and manufacture, but occasionally, a Drifter war band will come across a cache in one of their raids. These valuable finds will often be put to use by strapping enough explosives to level a small city block onto one of the wild hogs that roam the plains. These hogs aren’t often trained, so the Drifters will typically point it in the right direction and poke it with a stick… the hog’s temperament will usually take care of the rest.

We’ll have some more next week!


And here is the end result! I want one of these bad boys in my backyard.


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