Scrolls of a Lost Civilization

Posted: June 3, 2011 in Concept Art, General, Reclaimers

Salvaging tech and finding clues involving the collapse of civilization are a big aspect of the role-playing experience in Wreck-Age. Combining both of these elements are ‘data scrolls’- pliable, extremely durable personal computing tablets that offer fragmentary (and often contradicting) information from before the collapse.

The Reclaimers are especially interested in the insight and pure data that can be gleaned from these devices and are always willing to barter or battle with other communities to acquire them. Once they have these ‘holy tracts’ in their possession the Reclaimers (after a period of quarantine in case of corruption) upload any and all information inside to one of their data havens, to be pored over by the less combative members of their cult.

Data scrolls certainly have a lot of ‘questing’ potential, which as a game master makes me salivate. More lost technology in the coming weeks!


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