Concept Art Tuesdays

Posted: May 31, 2011 in Uncategorized





Hi everyone,

We’ve been hard at work the last couple of weeks, preparing artwork and concepts for a few upcoming projects. The official release for Wreck Age will be Summer of 2012, but we’re hoping to have a mini-release of a few models, the basic rules, and a couple of short stories towards the end of this summer. We’re very excited to be working in that direction, and we would love to get feedback from everyone.

Here’s a taste of a drawing that Lynell is working on for the Big Push. She’s also working on a vignette for an upcoming story. Seeing this all come together is extremely exciting for us all. We chatted a bit yesterday about the direction that we want to take the world, and what story arcs we’re going to be presenting down the road.

We appreciate everyone’s interest, and we’ll be sharing more with you towards the end of the week,







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