The Big Push

Posted: May 27, 2011 in History
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The next installment of our world’s “history” deals with the era that began a few years after the “Exodus of Man”. The billions left behind quickly realized that if they wanted to stand a chance, that they’d have to attempt to work together and form new ways of managing the world in the vacuum that was left with the departure of the majority of the power structures.


Here’s a brief synopsis of this era:

2226- The Big Push- a populist movement is sparked after the chaos. Factory workers step into the role of engineers, nurses do their best as doctors, schoolteachers transition to politicians.   By this time water is rising on the coasts, farms are producing at greatly diminished returns, fossil fuels are nearly exhausted. The fragile animals die out first- birds begin falling from the skies, fish are found floating in the waters, zoos become abattoirs for extinct breeds that no one cares about anymore, now that they are faced with their own survival.

2230- Caloric rationing is passed into law in the face of famine and weak harvests. Breeding of of livestock is curtailed to maximize the output from the land. Centuries of overfishing leaves nowhere to turn to but the land (with the exception of jellyfish, of which only 7% of species are edible). At first the bar is set high, with an average of 2500 calories allowed per day.

As the years went by and the calorie rationing became more and more restrictive, the black market dealt less and less in food and more and more in dietary supplements and drugs meant to stifle the amount of Ghrelin produced by the body (the hormone that causes hunger). Lack of food meant less glucose in the system, which lowered the sex drives of the male population and lessened the effects of narcotics on their increasingly underpowered brains, so the black market needed to change the services that they offered. Black market ‘murder squads’ could be hired to kill nearby families, splitting the fraudulent caloric scripts down the middle. Children were sold into slavery, indentured to the black market as ‘test subjects’ on newer drugs, while securing drugs and foodstuffs for the remainder of the family. The government became increasingly indifferent, due to lack of control and corruption within.

The black market finally struck gold with a chemical cocktail that involved cholecystokinin and vagal mechanosensors that gave a false satisfaction like after a large meal combined with a hallucinogen that focused on the higher and lower brain functions simultaneously. This drug, nicknamed ‘Glutton’ by the people, allowed them to spend the day in euphoric bliss, as course after course was fed to them in a dreamlike trance. Many people abandoned their reality of constant hunger and want entirely, waking from their trance willing to do anything to score more Glutton. The Black Market found itself with another population indentured servants, willing to sacrifice themselves as drones for their next fix.

2275- The official end of the Big Push, and the the beginning of “the Dark Times”. Many concur that the dark ages that followed after the big push would never have occurred if it wasn’t for mankind’s reliance on networks and the data within. When the digital infrastructure collapsed, suddenly all knowledge was word of mouth and open to interpretation and religious whim. It was only a matter of time before everything fell completely apart.

Communities had fallen to the wayside in the 21st century global market. Whole neighborhoods were packed with strangers, giving each other distrusting glances and crossing the street to avoid one another. Slums of isolation. After the exodus when nations had to band together as one, communities from urban neighborhoods to pastoral villages followed suit. When your neighbor was working towards the same goal as you, or even adopted a new profession like yourself, the bonds between you were forged.

After the collapse, many people found solace in community, exhibiting territorial behavior and violence xenophobia in many cases when things had gotten really bad. Community was all some had ever known, lack of fossil fuels limiting travel during the Big Push.

People with newly amassed power and wealth often tried to buy themselves a permanent throne at the end of the Big Push, when the collapse was staring everyone in the face. Weapons, secure compounds, mercenaries and supplies- greedily amassed by those with currency to spare. When that same currency was valueless only a few years later, the rich found themselves banished from ‘their’ compounds, ‘their’ mercenaries pointing ‘their’ guns at them in order to take all of ‘their’ supplies. When the old financial markets finally crashed, the meaning of power changed forever.

After the Big Push came “The Dark Times”. This era lays between The Big Push and “current” times, and lasted for well over 100 years…


Next week, we’ll bring you up to speed and give you some more background on the major players in North America, which will be our starting point for campaigns. Don’t worry, we’re not going to neglect the rest of the world, we’re already writing background for several other continents.


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