Year Zero

Posted: May 6, 2011 in History

Hello friends,

In a few minutes I will have the ‘Media’ tab up, with some teaser backgrounds. I figured I would save you all some clicking  and post the paragraphs here first. Hope you like them!


Skyscrapers are falling with a groan into clouds of dust and rubble, their skeletal support structure finally giving in to centuries of neglect. The last of the satellites that once connected billions of people are burning in re-entry, lighting the night for the few million human beings that have survived the Dark Times.  These may sound like portents of Armageddon, but to those that come from a long line of survivors, they are signs of resurgence and hope were there has been none for centuries.

The Reclaimers sift through the rubble of a lost civilization, bringing back forgotten technology to be examined in their data havens, magpies bringing back trinkets to a nest of wires and circuitry. They worship a many-faced god of inspiration and invention, seeking to bring mankind to its zenith by understanding and improving upon the technology of communication, engineering, and war littered throughout the land.

The Stakers are hardy survivors, few generations removed from the hunting and scavenging forced upon their ancestors during the Dark Times. The concept of the home is still fresh and vibrant in their minds, and the resurgence is now making community a possibility, and one worth dying for.  The Stakers are people with fresh blood on their hands, many of them looking for absolution through the formation of a new society, one where their children can undo the wrongs their predecessors had no choice but to make.

  1. Mel Sears says:

    looks good, good luck.

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